What are Chinese Medicine Herbs?

What are Chinese Medicine Herbs?

Many people wonder about traditional Chinese medicine and the role of herbs in healing, especially now that turning to holistic treatments seems like a smart choice.

Chinese Medicine Herbs: What are they?

There is a long tradition in China of using herbs as medicine for all kinds of conditions in the human body and mind. Practitioners of the ancient science of herbology and naturopathy, have found in herbs the most efficient combinations that can provide wellness.

The basic principles of healing in Chinese medicinal herbology have to do with 4 basic forces: hot vs cold, dry vs. damp. Taking this into account, Chinese medicine herbs are used to balance the different body conditions and provide a sense of feeling better either during sickness or on daily use.

They are often consumed as tea, soups, or even in capsules depending on the symptoms you are trying to fix.

Some of the most important Chinese herbs, roots, and their uses.

Astragalus: commonly used for people who are experiencing immunodeficient situations or want to prevent colds or flu, this herb is useful to treat viral infections. Astragalus is a root and can be found in Instant Herbal Tea 8 - Ginseng & Astragalus.

Ginkgo Biloba: used to better blood circulation and brain-related discomforts, this is one of the oldest medicinal plants used not only in China but in the world.

Bamboo Leaf: recommended for bone and tissue health due to its silica richness and dietary fiber. Full of micronutrients and excellent to reduce aging and increase hair growth, it can be found in our exclusive Model Lilly Tea or in Bamboo Leaf Flower Tea.

Lotus Leaf: a fantastic component for anyone who is looking to cleanse their colon and feel overall lighter. You can find lotus leaf tea as a luxurious component to a tea mix like Model Lilly Tea or just by itself on the Lotus Leaf Tea.

Ginseng: traditionally known to increase energy and stamina, ginseng gives users an immune system boost as well. It can be used in tea combinations or even taken as Gingseng Oral Liquid.

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Where to begin

The first step when deciding how to use medicinal herbs from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is understanding the condition you want to treat. If possible, the best recommendation is as well as getting in touch with your TCM health practitioner to better understand how your body might respond.

Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years and has been used for all sorts of medical problems like kidney and liver issues, anxiety, depression, weight loss and others like common colds.

Hopefully, this initial guide will make you curious enough to want to learn more and try herbal solutions for yourself.

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