What is TCM?

What is TCM?

The rise of alternative medicine has brought back ancient practices like Chinese traditional medicine. Many people have started to implement these practices in their lives daily to increase their overall wellbeing and move forward to more natural practices.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, works around the basic principles of Tao, taking into account the 12 meridians of the body and the forces that affect qi, yin, and yang. This also can be understood as to how the bodies dry, damp, cold, hot, phlegm, and blood characteristics appear on each person.

Chinese traditional medicine

The basics

When we start talking about traditional Chinese medicine, its important to get familiar with some of the terms used in the holistic healing process that it implies.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: One of the strongest pillars of TCM, herbal medicine provides balance to different conditions through diet and herbal usage. There are some basic types of ways to consume herbs like in tea or in food, but also you can conveniently buy them in capsules or oral liquids.

Acupuncture: The ancient art carefully puncturing the skin with needles to reach tissue or muscles. Acupuncture allows patients to find balance in their Yin and Yang through a better flow of Qi in their system, providing restoration of health in the body and the mind.

Massage: Following the ancient knowledge of pressure points, Tui Na is one of the massage variations that bring healing in regards to different kinds of chronic pains.

Cupping: This ancient technique allows for the practitioner to do a special message, by placing spheres or cups with warmth on the skin. It works better on meatier sections of the body like back or stomach.

Chinese Nutrition: Based on the teachings about the effects of food on the body, it follows the standards of how correctly eating might prevent or heal health conditions in the body.

The practitioner

The person in charge of providing TCM services is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. There are several different types of practitioners ranging from doctors who are specialized in this area or registered and certified acupuncturists or herbalists.

Due to the fact that traditional Chinese medicine combines scientific knowledge with traditional and natural healing practices, it's important to reach out to known experts in the field. Your chosen TCM expert will work to maintain and restore your health treating many different conditions.

Often when visiting a TCM practitioner, you might already have in mind questions or doubts about your health, but you can also visit a specialist in Chinese medicine to improve your overall wellness.


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