How does COVID-19 Affect the Body According to Chinese Medicine

Traditional Medicine and Covid

Our bodies are complex systems composed of a physical and then energetic balance that in Chinese medicine is referred to as you Qi. This energy´s constitution can affect the body's stability which can lead to health issues.

When talking about Chinese Medicine we always take into account that your system is a whole, combined with the energetic, and bodily elements. External and internal changes in the body including those with heat/cold and damp/dry are often responsible for the affecting of the overall state of a person.

Added to that, the way that blood and phlegm behave can agitate this balance and therefore affect Qi. Since Qi is so paramount to Chinese tradition, it´s important to understand how to prevent and treat this discomfort to provide wellbeing to each person not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Traditional Medicine and Covid

Chinese Medical Analysis Of COVID

Recently according to several Chinese Medicine and scientific publications, the analysis of COVID has taken experts to understand 3 key factors. Clinical signs in patients suffering from COVID-19 can be classified as “wet, heat and congestion”, in the lungs.

  • “Wet” refers here to the factor of sticky and turbid that can cause damage to the basic function of the body, specifically in COVID to the lungs.
  • “Hot” refers to heat, dryness, and rising turbidity that can cause illness with the high temperatures the body presents.
  • “Congestion” is the cause that can congest blood circulation and therefore bring pain to the patient.

Traditional Medicine and Covid

Recommended base prevention treatment

So in order to do preventive treatment for COVID, most Chinese Medicine practitioners will agree that the aim is to protect the lungs, as they are considered one of the most important organs in the system.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Qi is the basic substance that constitutes the human body and maintains basic functions. We divide Qi into the healthy Qi and the pathogenic Qi. The healthy Qi refers to substances that maintain the normal operation of our body. The pathogenic Qi refers to substances that can harm the health of our body.

According to recent studies, three main herbs have been mentioned to be helpful in this case which are:

  • Astragalus: to improve the lung's Qi and reduce phlegm presence. This is found in the Herbal Tea 13
  • Fangfeng relieving pathogenic QI, removing the dampness and as well easing pain.
  • Atractylodes: to enhance the spleen Qi, supporting digestion and absorption of positive nutrients.

Some of the main products that we have for you in the Herbal Inn, will not only support your very needed immune system boosts but also will prevent unbalances like the ones presented in COVID. We hope this was useful and stay safe.

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