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How is Ayurvedic Medicine Different to Chinese Medicine


If you have been interested in natural medicine for some time, you might have realized that there are several thought currents in regards to the science of the body.

This is why we want to share with you, a bit of how Ayurvedic Medicine is similar and different to Chinese medicine, and in many cases even complimentary.


What is Ayurveda?

The word itself, Ayurveda, comes from putting together the words Ayur (which means life) and Veda (which means knowledge). Therefore we can understand Ayurveda as the knowledge of life. It was born in Southeast Asia, specifically in India perhaps even some centuries before Chinese Medicine.

Ayurveda focuses on the integral understanding of the body and seeks, just like Chinese Medicine, to find a balance in each person´s existence. This is why, the main methods in Ayurveda seek to teach the practitioners a life where there are significant lifestyle adjustments in regards to body, mind, and spirit. Routines are taught about how one should interact not only with oneself but also with others, which are now commonly taught through popular activities like yoga classes in the western world.

Treatments in this ancient science, start with an internal purification process, where eventually there will be a lot of dietary recommendations, and finally a lot of introspective work with yoga and meditation. There can also be massages and even music or singing practices that help the body get purified.


How is it different from Chinese Medicine?

Being both quite antique sciences, they are both full of traditional human wisdom. It is more what they have in common than what sets them apart.

In both practices, herbs and the diet will deeply affect the energetic development of each person. Therefore in Chinese Medicine as much as Ayurveda we will see the masters and doctors teaching us good practices with what we put into our bodies daily.

In the Ayurvedic theory, there is a strong presence of yoga practice versus in Chinese Medicine where we see some methods that are done by a doctor or therapists like moxibustion and acupuncture. This has yielded to the creation of certifications for Chinese Medicine doctors or licensed practitioners in certain countries of the world. However, the Indian counterpart has schools that teach the principles of healing in Ayurvedic tradition.

Whichever practice you choose to follow, we believe that both have interesting and beautiful values that connect with the human purpose. We highly recommend you to keep on exploring all the information we have for you in regards to Chinese Medicine and hopefully you will be as in love of it as we are!

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