How can Chinese Medicine Help you Prevent COVID-19

Chinese Medicine Prevents Covid

COVID-19 was unfortunately introduced to the world in 2019 and became a pandemic at the beginning of 2020 taking the world by storm. Health experts know little information about this coronavirus variety, which has made it difficult to create a vaccine or cure. However, right now there is a very important question lingering:

How can we be healthier to prevent a bigger spread of this or similar virus?

Chinese Medicine Prevents Covid

Ancestral knowledge

COVID is new, but traditional Chinese medicine has been around for more than 3000 years. This means that TCM has seen almost all the most important epidemics in human history and provided treatment and comfort for people along many centuries.

If you come to think about it, this says a lot about the ancestral science of Chinese Medicine and how it connects on a deep level with the human body. This is why it is natural to think that TCM should be a holistic way to treat and prevent COVID, even thou it´s not a cure.

The main objective of TCM is to improve the whole body and make sure people are healthier all together.

The Constitutions of Chinese Medicine

According to the tradition of Chinese medicine, there are 9 main body constitution, and this sets the foundations for preventing diseases and making sure people are healthy.

Chinese medicine takes into account how unique each person can respond to stimuli in the environment. This is why the elements that can balance or unbalance in the body can be recognized as heat, cold, damp, dryness with a combination of overturning on phlegm and blood.

This all affects the body´s main energy: Qi.

Chinese Medicine Prevents Covid

How TCM connects to COVID

Being a health concern for all of us, it's obvious that many people might be looking for ways to stay strong and keep their system's working properly. Most of all it´s important to be able to create that balance in the body's Qi.

Chinese medicine experts have come to realize that the COVID-19, can be categorized as a “wet, heat, congestion”, in the lungs. This is an important observation because TCM, believes that lungs are very delicate, so taking into account that the disease first affects the lungs’ function, it´s paramount to act towards the protection and prevention of this.

Having the correct type of herbal remedies, or treatments by a certified practitioner can make a difference in how you or your family are protected.

What we can definitely recommend you to learn more about Chinese Medicine and how you can boost your immune system with products like our teas, soups of oral options.

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