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What you Always Wanted to Know about Traditional Chinese Medicines: Q&A

What you Always Wanted to Know about Traditional Chinese Medicines: Q&A

Perhaps you have seen some information about TCM and have asked yourself:

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?

Historically many types and ways of treatment have helped individuals with thousands of convictions. Western medicine is quite young in this spectrum and began existing until quite recent centuries.

Question 1: What do traditional Chinese medicines treat?

I have great news here: EVERYTHING.

Every condition that your body can perceive of pain, discomfort or unbalance can be assigned to the many kinds of treatments that TCM offers. However, it´s important to always check with a practitioner for special conditions, applications and instructions.

Question 2: Who delivers traditional Chinese medicines?

An authorized practitioner is a person in charge of providing you recipes, frequencies, and recommendations for whichever remedy you will be consuming. Its good to know though, that not all conditions or treatments require a visit to your acupunctures, TCM doctor or herbalist.

Some basic mixes for tea (like Model Lilly, Bamboo Leaf or Lotus), as well as some delicious soups, can be used on a regular basis.

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Question 3: Are TCM remedies real?

100% and they have been around for centuries, these are ancient practices. Regardless if they are herbal like tea, soup or orally ingested, or on the contrary physical like moxibustion, acupuncture, massage or cupping, they have proven effective for all sorts of patients.

Question 4: How do traditional Chinese medicines work?

For each type of condition, there is a TCM practice that accompanies the relief. Some simple ones like losing weight through detox might only require you to be disciplined with your diet and consume tea to aid you in the process.

Some of the other more complex conditions might even require a mixture of practices and visits to your practitioner to see the improvement you desire so much.

Question 5: Why should I believe that traditional Chinese medicines will work for me?

Whichever type of treatment you will be having, Chinese, Ayurveda, western, native, or any type of health procedure requires you to truly trust what is been done and follow the instructions of whoever is your guide in this process.

If you are thinking about using TCM is perhaps because you are seeking alternatives that will provide better life quality than what you have now. Believing is a key factor in wellbeing overall, said that however, we would love for you to try and share your experience with us.

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