A Guide to Herbal Medicine at Home

herbal medicinals

The first question you could ask yourself is: why do I need to have herbal medicinals at home?

The answer is another question: why not?

I'm pretty sure you already have a medicine cabinet at home, with all basic remedies for general body discomforts. However, sometimes conditions out of the box happen, or simply regular medicines stop being effective on common colds flu, menstrual pain or headaches.

Other additional circumstances might happen which can make regular life difficult, like erectile dysfunction, obesity, fertility issues, kidney problems, or even a weak heart. Western treatments to this might be painful or costly, and this is where the magic of Chinese herbal medicinals comes in.

Immune System

Depending on the season, or other external factors like the stress you might be feeling your immune system is not responding. This is were capsules like our own Cordyceps allow you to boost your immune system and feel overall better. If you are looking for an overall remedy to feel and have wellness in your daily life, it's important to consume vitamin complex like this one to enhance and improve your day to day functions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Flu, Cough, Ear ,and Respiratory System.

With the rain and the cold, but also with heat and humidity pretty much at any point of the year we can expect to see respiratory system conditions. Anything that might happen involving a runny nose, uncomfortable cough or even worse an ear infection is never welcome. It´s a good idea to have a multi herbal tea or soup that will quickly and with delicious warmth make you feel better instantly.

Detoxing, weight lost and gastric

The body needs to rid itself of what it has already stopped using. It´s important not to take this process for granted as they can truly bring long-lasting wellness. Detoxing is an ancient and efficient practice that can be aid by drinking different herbal medicines like Model Lilly Tea or Lotus Leaf Tea.

herbal medicinals


If you feel that perhaps you need to feel that your natural flow is better, you can use herbs or oral solutions to improve your overall circulation. Gingko Pearl Oral Liquid and Papaya Tea are ideal to improve your cardiovascular system and even improve your skin.


Both males and females can suffer from reproductive or fertile conditions that might be frustrating. Herbal medicine can provide support in this with products like King Ram Tea or Man Mate for men, to improve circulation and stamina.

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