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How to Choose Which Herb Remedy is Best for You

How to Choose Which Herb Remedy is Best for You

When it comes to using alternative medicine or health remedies, in this case herb remedies, sometimes you might ask: which one is right for me?

Today, we are going to provide you a brief overview of how you can decide on the best choice for herb remedy. To help you with that, we will also guide you on how is the best way to select herbs and products according to the condition or ingestion type that you prefer.

Before making any quick decisions, we would also like to recommend that you visit a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who will help you identify what is it you might need. If you don´t have access to a TCM directly, you can also seek for online consultation as many traditional Chinese medicine doctors are doing virtual meetings.

All of the products we will recommend are safe for general use, but we always want you to be on the safer side.

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By Condition

It's important to define if what you are suffering from or experiencing is affecting you physically or emotionally. Even thou some herb remedies will work for both, it's important to decide which is the pressing matter and take a decision based on that.


If what you are experiencing is related to pain or discomfort in your body, you might want to start there. Here are some helpful questions to ask:

  • I am experiencing pain in an internal organ? Can I identify?
    • ie. Yes, kidney.
  • Is the pain constant?
    • ie: Yes, menstrual pain
  • Is the pain a one-time thing?
    • ie. Yes, I occasionally experience headaches.


If you are feeling perhaps anxious, depressed, or any similar condition we always recommend seeing a licensed practitioner who can guide your process. Here are some questions you can ask?

  • Am I experiencing some level of sadness?
  • Do I feel particularly anxious in some given places or times?
  • Am I experiencing a stressful situation?

This simple set of questions will provide you a first insight to identify in a very basic way, what can be creating this pain or discomfort.

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By Form

If you rather decide through intake products you will also find this helpful:

  • Herbal remedy tea: This kind of product is like normal teas, they come ready to serve with hot water on a cup and you can have them at home, your workplace or even a coffee shop.
  • Soups: If you´re looking for a warm remedy that can be ingested quickly by your system with a great taste, you can a soup mix and prepare it in the comfort of your home.*Teas and Soups can be taken in conjunction.
  • Pills or tablets: If you're looking for a quick and simple product to take anywhere with you, it's also optional to choose several types of remedies in this format.
  • Oral Liquids: This composition allows you to take in a quick way the herb remedy, and avoids the "swallowing process" that many dislike when taking pills or tablets.
  • Application: Finally you can also choose serums or creams that will allow you to apply the products directly to your skin.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful, but if you have any other questions don´t be afraid to reach out to our TCM's or our customer experience team and we will guide you on your purchase.

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