Covid-19 and Traditional Medicine

Covid and traditional Chinese medicine

Late in December of 2019 Coronavirus was identified as a real threat. Shortly after we started seeing the world change, in a way we never expected. Medicine seems to be feeble and ineffective for patients suffering from this disease. So the question is: Can alternative medicine and TCM be a solution?

Becoming strong

One of the most important lessons we have learned about COVID-19 is that we need strong bodies and minds. Not only we need to heal our body when something happens, but also we need to prevent problems by having a healthy existence. This includes healthy day to day living, which starts from nutrition, stress management and balance.

covid and traditional medicine

A little history

In the last 3000 years of history, and multiple epidemic outbreaks, TCM has been a constant in healing practices. During the current Covid-19 crisis, over 70000 patients have been treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine with positive effects

It was also reported that during SARS outbreak several years ago, patients who were treated with TCM improved quickly. Also many where able to prevent getting sick by implementing healthy traditional Chinese medicine practices

Practitioners and Covid-19

It´s important to understand Covid-19 is a type of respiratory disease and it affects mainly three states of the body: "wet, heat, congestion". Therefore the aim of Chinese medicine is to protect the lungs mainly.

For this and since last year, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China selected a team of experts to formulate a TCM herbal medicine treatment program for patients.

Several patients found a cure and start feeling much better shortly. Even though it is still being tested, as much as western medicine, there have been very positive overall results. People also have been feeling much better not taking just TCM for symptoms but also for prevention, providing the components each body constitution might need to experience wellbeing.

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