Lotus Leaf Tea (Small - 20 sachets)

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Said to be exceptional for detoxing, used to complement a diet which aims to eliminate fat and combat obesity.Infused with the power of lotus leaf, this signature tea is very popular amongst those who want to feel lighter.شاي ورقة اللوتس:
هذا الشاي ممتاز لإدارة الوزن فهو يساعد الجهاز الهضمي٬ これは体重調整にいいお茶です。消化器官を手助けしてくれます。To find out more, visit this link.5 STAR Review from Amazon.com by Sunni (13 March 2013):"The Tea has work great for me. It has and continues to control my hunger.It has a good flavor, just love it.The delivery time was just as promised. I am very satisfy overall.I re-ordered and continue to enjoy my daily cup."Extract from Shahnaz Islam's interview with Best Magazine:"Within about three weeks I'd shed 9lb... I dropped two dress sizes by drinking herbal tea. I'm nearly 2st 7lb lighter without having to diet. I never thought that a few cups of tea could change my life!"