Model Lily Tea (Small - 20 sachets)

Traditionally used for intense detox and constipation. Notorious for being sold out due to popular demand, our tea provides assistance with weight management, so you can aim to get that body that you have always dreamed of.


Lotus Leaf Tea (Large - 60 sachets)

Said to be exceptional for detoxing, used to complement a diet that aims to eliminate fat and combat obesity. Infused with the power of lotus leaf, this signature tea is very popular amongst those who want to feel lighter.

  • Infused with the power of this ALL NATURAL luxury lotus leaf, this signature tea is traditionally popular amongst those who wish to feel lighter. Known to help CLEANSE the BOWEL and COLON it also improves the functioning of the digestive system.
  • GREAT for CONSTIPATION and those who wish to add an element extra elements towards a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.
  • A best-seller, we've had great feedback for this tea.
  • Traditional Chinese supplements work internally to assist the body with its concerns. A holistic method, this ancient methodology combines nutrition and a philosophy based on balance, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. Such is reaching worldwide acclaim and used by millions as a primary way to keep healthy. 
  • Customers tend to see greater results when products are taken in the long-term.




Great for boosting the immune system and strengthening the energy of the kidneys and lungs. It is traditionally known for combating fatigue, allergies, and lung imbalances. A favourite amongst emperors, it is considered a supreme energy tonic given its multifunctional use. Additionally, can be taken in support of libido.

*Please follow our specialists' advice on alternative functions.


Gingko Pearl Oral Liquid

Gingko Pearl Oral Liquid is our “Skin Drink”. Gingko is traditionally used for boosting circulation and memory. Pearl is known for being excellent for skin with nourishing and purifying qualities. Chinese scientists have claimed that the calcium from pearl is of a variety that is relatively easy to absorb by the human body.

*Please follow our specialists' advice on alternative functions.


Lotus Leaf and Cassia Seed Tea (Large - 60 sachets)

Traditionally used by Chinese nutritionists to detox the liver and improve the movements of the bowel and intestines. Said to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Pearl Oral Liquid

High in antioxidants, pearl was the Chinese Empress Dowager’s beauty secret. Containing signal proteins, research has found that pearl can send out signals to regulate the growth of cells. Infused with polysaccharides, it is claimed that pearl can strengthen the muscles and metabolic function. Pearl Oral Liquid is much easier to get absorbed for human body than pearl power. THe human body absorbs 80%-90% Pearl Oral Liquid, but only 15%-30% pearl power.

*Please follow our specialists' advice on alternative functions.


Papaya Tea (Large - 60 sachets)

Papaya is rich in sources of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes; vitamin B and C; and flavonoids; folate and pantothenic acid; and fibre. Said to help the cardiovascular system, soften veins and improve the immune system. It contains papain, a natural digestive enzyme.


SJ Spa Hair Tonic

This liquid formula helps hair retain its fullness, healthy glow and reduces the risk of excessive hair loss. Fantastic responses from our customers, our Hair Tonic is a great natural remedy for hair concerns.


Slim-Easy Capsules: Hawthorn Fruit and Green Tea (Large Box)

Back In Stock! 
Our Slim-Easy Capsules: Hawthorn Fruit and Green Tea (Large Box)
  • Popularly used with Herbal Inn’s best-seller the “Model Lily Tea”, a capsule that combines the benefits of Green Tea and Hawthorn Fruit.
  • Hawthorn Fruit, known for its many medicinal benefits such as supporting the function of the heart, is also said to help boost metabolism and help against water retention.
  • Green tea, discovered around 4000 years ago has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine for a variety of health purposes has recently boosted in popularity since the discovery of its fat-burning properties, ability to help boost the metabolism and increase the rate of fatty acid mobility.
  • Here we have combined the properties of the two in order to help speed up the process of burning fat and weight management 


Reishi Mushroom Spore

Pump up your immune system with reishi mushroom spore. Chinese herbalists recommend such nutrition-full ingredients to protect against cancer.*Please follow our specialists' advice on alternative functions.