Herbal Inn Archives: Weight Loss through Tea Drinking?

An interview for Best Magazine with one of our customers. We love exploring the Herbal Inn Archives!


The tea is now called LOTUS LEAF TEA. Check it out here (for the 20 sachet supply) and here (for the 60 sachet supply).


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Article Snapshot: Acupuncture Found to Up IVF and Treat Infertility

Source: http://www.chinesemedicinetimes.com/article.php/251/acupuncture_found_to_up_ivf_and_treat_infertility

Extracted from Acupuncture Found to Up IVF and Treat Infertility by Chinese Medicine Times:

Acupuncture has been found to increase live birth rates for women receiving IVF, in vitro fertilization. Researchers discovered that acupuncture increases the chances of producing a successful pregnancy for women receiving acupuncture on the day of the embryo transfer of donor eggs. Normally, acupuncture point selection is customized to the individual patient’s biological needs. However, a set of standardized points were applied to all women in the study. Prior to the IVF procedure, a special set of acupuncture points were applied...

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