SJ Spa Hair Tonic

This liquid formula helps hair retain its fullness, healthy glow and reduces the risk of excessive hair loss. Fantastic responses from our customers, our Hair Tonic is a great natural remedy for hair concerns.


Cortex Dictamni Dasycarpi Coptis Chinensis

This cream is one of our best sellers. It is used for eczema and all kinds of skin conditions. It can eliminate heat, detox and virus. The cream can also clear the blood and release itchiness. 



This has the benefits of cordyceps, as well as other great ingredients such as goji berry and American ginseng. Popular amongst those lacking energy, low kidney function, or with vulnerable immune systems.

*Please follow our specialists' advice on alternative functions and consumption.

One large box contains 6 small boxes. 

1 small box contains 20 capsules. 


SJ Spa Pearl and Rose Face Cream

Pearl is known as a natural UV-barrier and for its anti-aging properties. Great for smoothing and moisturising the skin, in combination with calming rose, this has been well-received for combating blemishes.