How Experts are Treating COVID-19 with Chinese Medicine

 COVID-19 with Chinese Medicine

As you might already know, patients who have suffered from the highly contagious coronavirus variety COVID-19, struggle with very uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

People who have been infected report suffering from strong coughs, discomfort in all their respiratory system, high temperatures, and in really bad cases it can even lead to death.

Therefore COVID-19 has become the main conversational subject to health experts all over the world, and Chinese medicine practitioners are no exception.

In some articles before, we commented on how you can use Chinese medicine to prevent it and find strength in your body to stay safe and secure during this epidemic. In this post, we want to share with you some of the actions that Chinese medicine experts have done to treat the mild and severe infection. As always we recommend that in this case you visit a medical practitioner of your choice and if you fear you might have COVID-19 symptoms that you become tested to stay safe

Both types of patients that we will be referring to here, the mild or severe infection should be receiving health practitioner support around the clock.

 COVID-19 with Chinese Medicine

When patients have a mild infection

The initial symptoms of a mild coronavirus infection are generally: fever, sweat, headache, thirst, cough, sore throat, red tongue tip, thin white or pale yellow coating and floating pulse.

According to Traditional Chinese Medical, pathogenic Qi hurts lung Qi, when this happens, lung heat and dampness will come after. Thinking in TCM terms, we should be clearing the lung´s heat and dampness for treatment.

Working around these first factors will provide the patient with more ease breathing and can restore the body's balance so that the sufferer can start feeling much better soon after. This clearly doesn't mean the virus will leave the body immediately, but it can be the beginning of a recovery phase.

 COVID-19 with Chinese Medicine

When patients have a severe infection

Cases like this need to be treated extra carefully and probably will need to be in a health facility at all times to be supervised and taken care of. If the infection is not controlled in the early stages, this is where COVID-19 can cause dangerous respiratory and organ failure, or even worst death.

The symptoms in these patients are much stronger including very high fever, strong cough, a lot of phlegm, difficult breathing, sweating, chest tightness, fatigue, nausea, bloating, red or dark red tongue, yellow coating, and slippery or weak pulse.

According to TCM, we need to preserve the stability of the lung Qi, and this requires a health expert to treat the pathogenic Qi if it is too strong, to avoid the healthy Qi from damaging the longs severely, causing patients to not be able to breathe.

Final thoughts

COVID is a difficult disease to be treated, not only TCM experts, but health practitioners all over the world are seeking for the best way to help patients survive this epidemic. More than treating the symptoms when one is infected, our main recommendation is to take into account what authorities are recommending including social distancing, general cleanliness prevention, and responding to rules provided.

Coronavirus has put us all under a difficult test, but we must all remember that working ourselves on staying healthy, we support the ones we love to be healthy as well.

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