5 Chinese Remedies for Daily Use

5 Chinese Remedies for Daily Use

It's important to understand that we are not, just our bodies, we have souls, we have minds. Taking care of ourselves as a whole is crucial to find balance, wellness. When we let bad thoughts, fears, preoccupations, affect our interior, this will be reflected in exterior ailments.

Due to the constant external stimuli, like stress, that affects people daily, it is increasingly difficult to keep energy stability. This is reflected in constant health problems, such as colds, pain, and digestive problems. Every day more and more people are looking for holistic and Chinese remedies to improve their health.

Chinese remedies

Better safe than sorry

TCM faithfully believes that prevention is essential, even before treatment.

What does it mean? To avoid the development of health problems, it's better to have constant daily care that prevents affections, keeping our energies aligned.

Traditional Chinese medicine offers various important practices such as acupuncture, moxibustion, and Qigong, these are used not only to prevent but also to treat ailments. An important part of TCM practices is herbal remedies, which are created based on plants whose properties help support the balance of yin and yang, sustaining good health.

Chinese remedies

Chinese remedies for daily use:

As part of prevention, there the daily care, that's why we offer you a small list of Chinese remedies for daily use, which we have created at Herbal INN, in order to prevent an energy unevenness.

  1. Bamboo Leaf Flower Tea: This delicious tea from our line of Luxury Floral Teas, is rich in silica (important in bone and tissue health) and dietary fiber. Pumped with micronutrients, traditionally recommended for anti-aging and hair growth.

  2. Cordyceps: Our cordyceps pills, are great for boosting the immune system and strengthening the energy of the kidneys and lungs. It's traditionally known for combating fatigue, allergies, and lung imbalances. A favorite among emperors, it is considered a supreme energy tonic given its multifunctional use. Additionally, it can be taken in support of libido.

  1. Gingko Pearl Oral Liquid: These little energizing "shots" are our "Skin Drink". Gingko is traditionally used for boosting circulation and memory. Pearl is known for being excellent for skin with nourishing and purifying qualities. Chinese scientists have claimed that the calcium from pearl is of a variety that is relatively easy to absorb by the human body.

  2. Pseudo-Ginseng Oral Liquid: We created this little drink, which Chinese herbalists like to recommend for its apparent properties in assisting with aches and pains, as well as blood circulation flow. It improves the general balance of circulating body energy.

  3. Reishi Mushroom Spore: Finally our Reishi Mushroom Spore, is used to pump up your immune system. Chinese herbalists recommend such nutrition-full ingredients to protect against cancer and other conditions.

Take Care of Yourself, holistically.

It's essential to recognize that we must take care not only of our body but also of our mind. Bad thoughts feed the mind and spirit, consuming good energy and causing ailments. Practicing mindfulness is another important option for the prevention of health problems.

Body, soul, and spirit are one, and it's essential to take care of ourselves holistically in a process of self-love.


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